Xinachtli is a program for adolescents ages 13-15 that will give them the tools to connect to one another as well as to their indigenous roots and mother nature.

Xinachtli is a comprehensive and culturally-competent bicultural youth character development process designed to provide teen girls the guidance for a healthy development into adulthood. Based on indigenous principles of the individual’s interconnectedness to the family, the community, and nation, this curriculum provides a dialectic process of Refleccion (reflection), Concientizacion (critical consciousness), Creacion (creation), and Accion (action) while supporting and building on the strengths of the individual. The curriculum incorporates an educational and organizing process to develop leadership capacity and personal community responsibility in participants that will allow them to serve as peer mentors, guides or advocates for other girls.

Xinachtli provides an awareness of the female's importance to the earth and the heavens. This program's information and activities enables young women to reinforce or begin to build a strong foundation as positive and secure individuals. In understanding the natural world around them, participants will begin to see themselves as sacred as the world around them. 

To find out more visit @xinachtligirls 

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Tlazocamati for your support in making Xinachtli accessible to the youth of the Inland Empire. We hope to cover 100% of the costs for two cohorts of this beautiful rite of passage for 30 participants. This means that 30 families will now be reintroduced to the necessity of honoring the divine feminine, the tremendous joy which comes from empowerment and self-confidence and the power of ceremonia. 

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